Incredible! I received my order today, three days after placing it online.
Thank you for the great service – it is appreciated.

Steve K.

“I received my monopod on Monday, and I LOVE IT!
Thanks a bunch, it’s a great product, and I’ll recommend it to all my friends! Also, you guys had FAST shipping, so kudos to your excellent product and
service. Keep up the good work!”

John S.

Thank you. Your monopods are clearly superior to anything else out there!
And now I can say your service is great, too!

Robert B.

Hi there,
Just a quick email to thank you for such a brilliant and professional service.
My monopod arrived yesterday and its everything I had hoped for and more. I’m delighted with the quality of the product. Its a credit to you. Cant wait to get out this weekend with it.

Sincere thanks for a brilliant monopod.
John K.

The monopod is great!  It works like a charm on my SS-15.

Michael P.   

1. I first saw the Accu-shot at the 1st Annual SOF Sniper Comp at Bragg. Two out of the three teams that beat mine, were using accu-shots.

2. It is like a mini-T&E for a sniper rifle. Everyone knows that shooting a machinegun is always more accurate from a tripod with T&E rather than just the bipod. This principle also applies to all other weapons. The Accu-shot fills this need.

3. The Barrett .50cal comes with a adjustable rear monopod, which greatly improves the firing. I had a lot of experience shooting the Barrett, and wanted to try the Accu-shot on my 7.62 Sniper Rifles. I was happily impressed with it. My unit will soon purchase an Accu-shot for each sniper, even if we have to out of our own pocket.

4. Once mounted, it only takes seconds to setup a rock solid shooting platform. This greatly improves the snipers ability to accurately range targets using their Mil-dot reticles. No more dragging a shooting sock around to sandbag the gun.

5. It can be easily removed for airborne operations.

6. After attending the Vegas SHOT Show, I’ve seen other copies of the Accu-shot, but NONE come close in performance.

Again, Kasey, thanks. If you haven’t already received the order for the 28 Accu-shots, let me know so I can light a fire under our money guy.

MSG Karl E.
Ft. Campbell

What a great Idea! I first encountered your Mono-Pod while attending an H&K sniper event. Some of the police officers attending were using your Mono-Pods. Of course my partner and I scoffed at the idea of using an Accu-Shot at the time, boasting how much better the rear sand bag was. As soon as I returned home I tracked down an Accu-Shot Mono-Pod for my M24 and the results have been terrific. Now I’m sporting 3 of them. One for my work rifle … one for my Remington and the other for my Armalite AR10T.

From the prone position the mono-pod provides you with a rock solid steady position to mil accurately. The same goes with holding on stationary targets. If you’re familiar with Traversing and Elevation mechanisms from military machineguns, quick adjustments on the Mono-Pod knob will be very familiar to you for raising or lowering your rifle. The elevation adjustments are actually made very quickly once familiarized with the mechanism.

The mono-pod can also serve as a grip to seat the rifle firmly into the pocket of the shoulder allowing easy traverse of the rifle when firing moving targets. When firing in sniper competitions there will sometimes be limitation shooting events … getting more points for hitting the smallest possible target. I have found the mono-pod to aid tremendously during these events. As a matter of fact the last Special Operations Forces 2003 Competition held at Ft. Bragg, NC had quite a large showing of Accu-Shot Mono-Pods. Many of the M24’s and MK11’s had them mounted so obviously I’m not the only fan of the device.

The Accu-Shot Mono-Pod is a great Idea. I’ve heard the Mono-Pod is limited to prone shooting but so is the good ol’ sandbag. The Mono-Pod folds out of the way so as not to be intrusive while using other firing positions. I’m hooked on the Mono-Pod and you probably will be too!

SFC Andrew C.
Ft. Bragg, NC

You’re monopod is great !!!
I will buy a new monopod and bipod next week, for an other rifle, it’s incredible !!!

Weber J.O.

I must say that the monopod is a very nice piece of kit. I especially like it for ranging targets. Hello monopod good bye sock!


The Accu-Shot™ is a must have for anyone interested in long range shooting. The Accu-Shot meets all the requirements to make it fit into the KISS model, simple, effective, smart.

Frank G.

Kasey – got out to the rifle range today with my SWAT rifle, a rebuilt Rem 700 VS. This was the first try with the monopod. First shot from a clean, cold bore at 100 yards was within 1/8″ of dead center of the bullseye. Probably closer than that, but it was one of the best cold bore shots I’ve ever accomplished.

Went on to shoot a tight 1/2″ 3-shot group at 100 yards, then a 1.125″ group at 200, and a 2.625″ inch group at 300 yards, all with duty ammo. These are right up with some of the best groups I’ve ever shot with this rifle.

I was really impressed with how easy it was to make accurate shots and good groups. Particularly liked grasping the monopod in my “off” hand and snugging it into my shoulder pocket. This piece of gear fits the HS Precision stock very well. I think you’ve got a great future selling it to LE snipers, precision marksmen, and varmint hunters.


I received the Accu-shot and placed it on my rifle. I love it. I normally shoot our state qualification at about 2 1/2 minutes for 14 shots. I just completed qualification with the Accu-shot placed on my rifle and I knocked off 30 seconds on my time. The adjustments were smooth from 150 yards and in -which is the distance we start off and then have to run to other locations. Its a great tool and I will also be showing your product to some of the state police snipers who train with us.

Thanks Again
Officer David B. SWAT

You guys have one of the few “MUST HAVE” items out there. It speaks volumes about a $144.00 monopod that was THE FIRST accessory that I put on my $5000.00 rifle. It made a considerable difference in my shot group. Thanks again.

GMC  D. C. R.

As an employee of Bullseye indoor shooting range I remember Kasey renting a lane for an entire Saturday.  I watched him roll in with a full case of 300 Win Mag ammo and his Remington PSS rifle.  I recall him making at least one trip to his vehicle to bring in more ammo.  By the end of the day the matte black finish on the barrel of that poor rifle had turned an ash gray.

Darwin W.


I finally had a chance to go to the range with my remington 700 LTR (.308) and newly installed Accu-shot monopod. It is an amazing product. So much more stable than a sand sock and I shot my first .5 inch group today ( 4 shots). Before, the best I could achieve was .8 inches.

I love your product and it was worth every penny.

thank you.

Brad H.

I have been a fan of your products for some time now, I purchased the first one in a tactical range/store in Virginia.

We are having a tactical tournament on Nov. And want to show some of my rifles with your monopod to the tactical teams that are going to be in the competition (local – FBI, DEA, SWAT, Army, Navy and others) so they can be like me, a true believer of your great product.

Best Regards

Armando E.

Since I last emailed you I have had a chance to get in some ‘trigger time’, as you called it, in on my Remington 700P. I am very, very pleased with the system that I have assembled, and the Accushot is an integral part of that. The monopod, in conjunction with a bipod, works unbelievable and provides and sure and solid 3-point base from which to shoot. Other shooters come to the range with bulky rests and bags and such, I have nothing more than my gun with the Harris bipod and the Accushot monopod, and I typically outshoot them. My gun is essentially straight “out of the box” (other than some minor trigger adjustment) and my groups average 0.4″-0.6″, with several smaller than 0.25″ and one (just last weekend) at 0.125″!! I am very pleased with this product and have recommended it to anyone who has asked!!!

Thomas O.

I had excellent result at the range. Even with only a 10X scope (I have the Mark 4 M3 mounted on my PSS). I was able to have 1/2″ group at 100 yd. Not that this is unusual, but I was able to get consistency (7 groups of 3-shots).

Thank you!
Jim C.

I have one (Accu-Shot) on my Ed Brown Tactical Rifle (.308 Win), and at 100 yards as I was sighting my new Nightforce Scope. I shot a 5 shot group that started on the edge of the 8 ring all the way over to dead center of the 10 ring (elevation was dead on). What was unusual about this was as I was adjusting the windage from the 8 ring, and all the shots were almost perfectly level on the target spaced evenly at about a half an inch apart (with a couple of clicks on the windage dial), until it hit the center of the bullseye! The Accu-Shot Mono Pod works great!

Keith B.

I wanted to pass along a “good job” regarding your great piece of gear, the Accu-Shot Monopod. I have one of your locking models and love it! I have used it on my FN Special Police Rifle to good effect and currently have it dedicated to my Ferret .50 BMG rifle. I thought you’d like to know that it has survived more than 50 benchrest shots from the .50 BMG cartridge and shows no signs of damage. I am even using the standard plastic plug, and it works just fine. I will be ordering another one soon to switch between
my Springfield Armory M1A and my FN rifle.

Thanks for a great product at a great price!
Duane V.

The accu-shot has done great for my clients as
well as myself.  My guides and myself have
been using the Accu-Shot for about a year and are
really impressed with the performance.  We
use it at the 1000-yard range for great stability.
Last month I was able to obtain a record-class
bull elk at 735 yards with one shot.  I will
recommend it to all! Thanks again.

Thank you,
Pat Feldt (owner, Arizona Guided Hunts)
Home Office: 520-207-7831

Thanks for the quick service! I first read about
Accu-Shot when researching a bipod for a new
gun then I saw one at the range the next day and
was sold.

Larry W.

The Accu-shot was the equipment hit of the course.
It was hard to get students to part with one and
let another student try it. By the end of the program,
I think that nearly every student had a chance to
use it for an hour or so.  Overall response was
excellent or better.  I think this will generate
several orders from the NY, NJ, CT and PA police
departments. Thanks for the rush, it paid off.
Peter T.

A note “Peter T.” submitted to another Instructor-

I had two ACCU-SHOT monopods, which I allowed the
students to try instead of a rear bag or hand support
on prone strings of fire when a sling was not mandated.
The results were remarkable. This little device
provides a degree of stability and precision that
is greater than any other device I have ever encountered.
It is limited to working on rather stationary targets
when a prone supported position is used. But, it
is out of the way when not needed and does not restrict
the use of the rifle for other shooting positions
or carry. Their website is: take
a look if you are not familiar with the product.
I first ran into these while teaching this spring
in Israel.

Peter T.

This thing is WAY better than I had hoped!! The
hookup was perfect. I am shooting 50% better because
of the Accu-shot. Seriously. People at the range
are always coming up to me and asking what that
thing is, and where they can get one. I give them
the web address. Come to think of it, I should be
on the payroll!

Great product, great service.
Steve B.

Accu-Shot worked great.  I was able to sight
in my new rifle in about half of the time, and I
started shooting sub MOA groups almost immediately
without having to take lots of extra time to adjust
and readjust sandbags.  Everyone on the Long
Rifle Unit was calling me and sending me emails
the next day for your website info so they could
buy one.

Mike T

I received the Accu-Shot and have already installed
it on my long-range rifle. It is definitely better
than a sand bag. You can’t carry a sand bag with
you all the time. The Accu-Shot goes wherever your
rifle goes. I like that idea.

Robert C.

My hunting partners, Rick and Todd, both were equipped
with monopods on their Bushmaster Varminter AR-15s
as well as my BM with a bull barrel.  Rick
and Todd also were using Harris bipods which helped
them both get in the VHA 500 & 1000 yard clubs.
Last year Rick used a monopod on his traditional
stock rifle that helped him get in the 500-yard
club last year on our first prairie dog hunt. All
three of us like the monopod very much.  In
fact as soon as I got home I remounted my Harris
bipod on the AR.  When I shot it for the first
time on my range, I scored the best group ever with
the AR!

Thanks for expediting the shipment of monopods
and adapters in time for our hunt.  Our unexpected
success in long range shooting was due primarily
to the monopods….next to my hand loads of course!


You guys make a terrific product.  I can’t
imagine a long-range shooter doing without your
mono-pod!  It’s a whole lot more accurate,
stable, lighter and easier to carry than a
sandbag or anything else we shooters have used in
the past to support the rear of our rifles!

Yours Truly,
Joe B.

I am a repeat customer having two of the “short”
ones.  I have used the accu-shot.  It
works.  I have shown it to others.  Good product.

Tom Clevenger

I appreciate your good customer service!
I heard about the monopod off of snipers paradise,
or snipers hide, or some place like that.
Thanks again, these are pretty nice parts!!
I want to get it to the range.  The local SWAT
guys are shooting this Friday, I’m going to get
mine to the guys and let them evaluate it.
Thanks again!

Mitchell T.

Got my accu-shot shot on Monday and mounted it
on my Remington 223 and it works great.  The
service your company provided me and my hobby will
be remembered and word of mouth advertising will
spread a good reputation for your company among
the shooters here in Central Pa.   Their
are Thousands …. I believe your devise will meet
with the same success as the Harris Bi-Pod if only
you can get the word out and people can see and
feel your devise.   If you have any samples
for Gun Shops I’d be more than happy to pass several
of them out in the area.  You have a great
product along with your service.

Sincerely yours,
Garry R. B.

The Accu-Shot works great!  Much better than
sandbags, and you can use it in the field!
It’s the best of both worlds.

-Chris P.

I was very impressed with the quality of the units.
What I like most about your product is how innovative
it is.  I have fooled around with sandbags
for so long; why no one came up with this sooner
is amazing.  You really nailed this one good.


I found the Accu-shot on, and also
saw the review in sniper country. I think this is
a great product.

Charles T. 

Its a great product and its one of those things
that actually works!

Bob K.

I received it today and it was definitely worth
the wait.  I’ll probably be purchasing another
one very soon.  Very stable and well constructed.
Much appreciated!!

Jeffrey R. M.

I used your accu-shot at our sniper qualification
last week & several of the guys were impressed
with your product. They said that they were going
to order one for themselves. I told them of your
law enforcement price & they were all the more
excited. So far, I’m very pleased with your product.
Sgt. Bruce K. S.
North Tactical Response Team

Hi, Received my new toy in good order.  Read a
good review on Sniper Country. Com and had to have
one. Already installed and I am very pleased with

Thanks, and God Bless America,

A couple years ago I received a burst of epiphany
and placed my benchrest Harris bipod on the rear
of my rifle and the mid range Harris on the front
of my rifle to help steady my first varmint rifle.
I found bags too much of a hassle to deal with on
a range.  I literally had to stretch my neck like
E.T. to get to the scope, however, I did get extremely
tight groups and a dead on zero.

Approximately 4-5 months ago I saw your product
and thought, “Why the @#(*$ didn’t I think
of that!” I placed an Accu-Shot on my Ruger
M77 Mark 2 and loved it.  Upon accessing your
website I noticed that you had the AR15/M16 adapter
and just rolled my eyes.  As a Major in the
Army Reserve, I know how valuable a good bipod can
be for defensive positions.  That has been
known for years.  With the addition of an Accu-Shot,
a soldier can literally keep his weapon pointed
on his “final protective fire azimuth”
without undue fatigue.

Personally, I think you could market this product
to the US Army and US Marines with great success.

David C.
Major, US Army Reserve 

Thank you for your innovative creativity!
I learned about your product when I was out shooting
at the range and was firing my friend’s AR equipped
with a bipod.  I was doing all right at 100
yards, but lacked the consistency for at tight group.
My friend suggested I try the monopod and was I
impressed!  Now you know “the rest of
the story.”  Thanks again – Joel

I need to place an order for 2 more Accu-Shot units,
please process this order and use the same billing
information I used last time.

George D.

It took me a while to decide that it was a necessity,
but after prairie dogin’ all summer I found that
when shooting prone I’m always supporting the butt
of my rifle with my left hand to control my aim
more accurately and with your product I would definitely
have much more range of positioning.
You really have a good product and I hope it really
sells well for you.

Regan G.

My friend and I used our new accu-shot’s for the
fist time this past weekend.  Excellent product!
I like the design and construction.  We are
both very pleased.


Thank you so much for expediting my order.
I was extremely excited to try it out and thrilled
with the results.  With the monopod I was able
to increase my accuracy from 1″ of angle to
1/2″ at 100 yards. You’ve got a truly
great product and I cannot thank you enough.

Michele R.

Thanks for a great product!  Had it mounted
on my Rem 700 Sendero in 300 Rem Ultra Mag.
Helped me take my 2 deer this year at a laser range
of 432 meters.

Chris P.
Great Falls, MT

Shot 9 rounds at 100 yards and grouped it within
an inch … except one round.  I’m sure that
one was me! Great product & great customer support.
Thanks again.

Ron H.

Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii! I got another rifle
and just gotta have another Accu-Shot for it. All
my precision rifles now have these little baby’s
as standard equipment.

I’m consistently recommending your companies’
product to all who inquire. Thanks again for the
great product and service.

Dave B, Firearms Training Unit

Hello! My monopod came today and I put it on my
Fulton ar-15 Predator …WoW! Fits Perfect! If you
use bipods you have got to have the accu-shot! I
love it!

Todd R.  

Dear Accu-Shot Producers,

I am a satisfied owner of an Accu-Shot monopod.  I have it attached to my pride and joy, a Remington Model 700 Police.  The rifle is chambered in 300 Rem. Ultra Mag. It is equipped with a Springfield Armory 6-20X56mm Mill Dot Government Model Scope a Harris Bipod, cheekrest, sling, and obviously the Accu-Shot Monopod.  I am very impressed with the product and it definitely helps keep my groups within 1 MOA.

Daniel T.

Thank you for the rest! The best group was 5 shots 2.350″ @ 600 meters. 2450m elevation 8c(48f)

Thanks Again,

Dear Kasey,

Per our conversation of 02/17/05 I wish to order four more of your excellent Precision Monopods. About a month ago I ordered two for testing and evaluation and found the Monopod to be a robust, helpful tool. The Designated Marksman on our Special Response Team (S.W.A.T.) were delighted with the product, and found that the monopod really filled a need in their duties. Being able to ‘set-up’ the rifle during an extended situation gave much-needed relief to the operator.

Thank you again and I look forward to doing business with you in the future!


Pete S.
Hayward Police Department


Glad you liked the article.  As that Sako TRG-22 is used as a test bed to test optics your Accu-Shot has probably appeared in a number of articles you are unaware of.  Feel free to use the picture on your website.

As to your questions, yes all the TRG-22 and TRG-42 stocks are basically the same.  I cannot comment on the TRG-21/41 series, but I would expect them to be quite similar.  No modifications were made to mount the Accu-Shot, other than turning it 180 degrees.  I feel it can be a useful tool if used properly, and have shot a 5 round 100 yard group measuring .3-inch prone off the bipod with my TRG-22, 175 grain Black Hills Match ammunition, and a Nikon 2.5-10x44mm Tactical scope.

Best Regards,
David M. Fortier

The Accu Shot is fantastic. No reason for anyone to build sand bags.

Mike Miller
Tactical Interventions

You have gone above and beyond on this one and I truly appreciate it.  There are not many companies out there that are willing to go the extra mile for a customer anymore; it’s a pleasure to do business with one that does.  Thank you to you and your team there.

Tom S.

Many thanks!  Monopod purchased, deliverd, fitted and used with great success.  An excellent product!



I just wanted to thank you for the Quick delivery and professional service.



I have to say that since I have fitted the Accu-shot my shooting has become more and more enjoyable. My target scores have improved so much in only 4 visits to the range, so I can honestly say that the Accu-Shot has made more improvement to my shooting than just about anything (and it was the cheapest item I have bought for too) I have enclosed a few Pics for you, with me proudly wearing the Baseball Cap promoting your products. I hope you can use them on your Testimonials pictures as this would make my daughter so proud. LOL

I have also sent you a picture of my 14 year old daughter who shoots a .17 HMR @ 100yds she is loving the sport, and has now asked her good old dad to buy her a Monopod for her outfit, how can I refuse her that when I have told just about everybody I meet to go and buy one, LOL.

Rob B.

I just had a guy asking me about your monopod for the A.I. chassis system, wanted to know if I preferred it over a sock or shooting bag- easy answer:  My AICS pod has withstood  over 2000 rounds of .300 Winchester-Magnum recoil with no wear or degradation.  Thanks again for a good, tough product.


I put the BT04 on my AR-15 with my varmint upper and the BT04 took a 1/4 MOA off my best group.  I shot a 5-shot .331″ and my buddy shot a 4-shot .221″ at 100yds.  Shot it out in the desert out of the back of my pickup.  That might not sound spectacular, but I’m not a precision rifle guy.  All I can say is the BT04 has definitely decreased the size of my groups.  And Thanks again for your excellent customer service, you’ve gone above and beyond the kind of customer service guys like us are used to, when you run across a company like yours and talk to someone who has a genuine interest in meeting your needs, you really say WOW!  You’ve gone the extra mile and have earned my business, thanks for having a great product.  The prairie dogs out here won’t nearly be as appreciative…

Hank M.

Went to the Range this morning, and I must say your Product is about the Best Part I have Added to my AR. Very Easy Micro adjustments, and it is also easy to make Bold Elevation changes. I am Sold 100% on your MonoPod! I will be adding another one to my 7.62 Build very soon.

Thank you for a Great Product!

Wow! I ordered my BT04-QK with the BT07 cap, Monday afternoon and received it today, Wednesday. That’s the best customer service I’ve encountered in the firearms industry, ever. You were more than helpful on the phone and your monopod is everything it’s advertised to be. I installed it on my Savage model 10FP a few minutes ago and it was easy to install(about 2 minutes) and is made of top notch materials. You can bet everybody I shoot with is going to hear about this new addition to my gun.  Thank you!

Frank O. 

P.S. Keep up with that down to earth way you deal with your customers. You are a true American.

the monopod is arrived, it was exactly as described.
I have already tested in gun range and plays very well the work for which it was conceived.
I can express an opinion totally positive and recommend it to my friends.
Thanks again

Best regards
Davide Ai

I received, and installed, the monopod yesterday on
my AR.  As an engineer who loves to fab stuff (machining and
welding especially), all I can say is… wow!  Very nice.  It is no
wonder you’ve been successful at selling these.  If I may ever
be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate to let me know.  I’d
love to help.  Thanks again for sending the ‘pod so promptly.
Now all I need is an Atlas bipod.  I can’t wait to go to the range.

Regards, Jeff


Got the product. I am the most satisfied customer in the world!
Excellent quality! No words.

Thank you!


Your shipment arrived last Friday so I must admit I was a bit too hasty.

The Monopod is way better than I ever could have dreamed, easy and fast to adjust, does not wobble (not even a tiny bit) under “heavy” AR10 and has a solid construction which will without doubt last for a decades…  Thank You for a AWESOME product and a great customer service.

Very best wishes from Finland

I opted for the steel end plug rather then the plastic one. It’s so gratifying to order something and be impressed with it rather then disappointed with this or that. It is very solid; everything locks up securely and just feels of quality as a whole. The quick adjust button really works well also, no play whatsoever. It’s an expensive little critter, but I’d rather pay the price for something nice then be frustrated.
Anyway, if anyone was wondering or debating this monopod, go for it. Great to buy something made in the good ‘ole USA which makes you proud that it was.

K. D.

I was one of the first to own the quick adjust monopod and have it on my DPMS/LRT-SASS, I LOVE IT! I noticed the atlas when I ordered the mono and have been waiting for it to come out. I’m not happy with the bipod that came with my rifle and the atlas seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

Sgt. G.

Went to the Range this morning, and I must say your Product is about the Best Part I have added to my AR. Very Easy Micro adjustments, and it is also easy to make Bold Elevation changes. I am Sold 100% on your MonoPod! I will be adding another one to my 7.62 Build very soon.

Thank you for a Great Product!

“…all I can say is that I´m really satisfied with the monopod. It takes some time getting used to but now it´s more or less intuitive to use it. The best part is that its always there if you need it, no more carrying sandbags!

It´s a very good product and I´ll be sending one more order your way when I get my RCS stock (AICS) for the Tikka.”


I have used your Accu-Shot since 2000 or 2001 I think. I had one of the first generation with the brass part. The product and concept worked as it was intended, but that lightweight blaser rifle in 8x68S recoils violently, at least as a 338wm. Some rather foul words was heard when I realized the rifle had damaged my Accu-Shot, I had to field repair it with some glue since the rubber loosened from the brass, and bored a splint through it. The problem was solved, worked ever since; this is a product I gladly will stand behind. A friend borrowed it, and I told him to keep it since I wanted the new version. I will contact my friend, and most likely he would like to have it professionally repaired. This tells me that you really stand behind your product, and I will be really happy to mount the newer type to my rifle. Outstanding piece of kit. Thank you very much.

Best regards.

Arild D.

(PLEASE NOTE – If you have the old style knob with a brass insert (visible when looking at narrow end) we will replace it at no charge.  Just return the monopod to us along with $5.95 for return Shipping and Handling. We’ll upgrade it to the newer solid steel version and have in back in the mail to you in two business days)

“I finally got back from Nigeria a couple weeks ago…and finally got to the range last Sunday.
Putting rounds downrange and getting a good zero on my AR10T was priority for the visit. I installed the accu pod on my stock and used it for the first time. The experience was nothing short of amazing.  It’s rock solid and it gave me the ability to hold the weapon in my shoulder properly and make minute elevation adjustments so quickly it was scary. Needless to say I wish we had these kind of items when I was a sniper in the Marine Corps.”


The rifle is a Remington 700 SPS Varmint .308 with Leupold Mark 4, 8.5/ 25/50 LR/T. Stock is a HS Precision Tactical, full bedding. Front bi-pod is Harris 9″ to 13″ and saving the BEST for last is the Mono-pod you sold me. It is the BT 04 w/ QK01 knob and a BT 07 cap. I have to say here that the metal cap is the only way to go and the quick adjust is PERFECT.

These targets are not made up from my imagination. The yardage is exact. The 400 yard is with a 8 mph cross wind from right to left with no adjustment made for it. Still not to bad , if I do say so myself.

I have to be perfectly frank when I say that even though I enjoy shooting, and am not too bad at it, your Mono-pod made the difference for me to stay on target and remain steady.

THANKS for making a GREAT product here in the USA that REALLY works the way  it is suppose too.

Gary P

I installed all 3 of my mono-pods and am very pleased with my purchase.

Great product, thank you.

Nicholas S.