While we strive to build the best products with durability and longevity in mind, life happens: things break. So we offer the following warranty:

If you own an authentic B&T product and it breaks or you break it, we’ll repair or replace it.
  • Due to aftermarket products that require the legs to be removed for installation, as of February 1, 2023, there will be a flat rate of $105.00 for each leg bolt repair regardless of circumstance.

  • If you or someone else disassembles, loses or breaks any parts in an attempt to disassemble/reassemble a B&T product, you are doing so at your own risk and liability, voiding the product’s Lifetime Warranty. We will make such repairs at the following rates:

    • Accu-Shot Monopod = $75.00 labor plus parts
    • Atlas Bipod = $105.00 labor plus parts
  • This warranty applies to our authentic, made in America B&T products including those that have been refinished then assembled with our proof mark showing that we did the work.

  • B&T product owners are responsible for shipping the B&T product to us. We will make the necessary repairs or replacement and ship the product back at no charge.

  • All warranty work is between the end user and B&T Industries. Authorized Dealers are to direct customers with any defective or warranty related issues to B&T Industries for resolution.

  • Please Note: B&T Industries LLC’s warranty does not apply to counterfeit, copy, fake or knockoff Atlas Bipods. We will, however, accept these counterfeits, copies, fakes and knockoffs for the Wright Project.

  • For defective or warranty related issues, please Contact Us

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Lifetime Warranty