A few years ago a different bipod I was using completely failed on me at the start of a stage during a match. I used that opportunity to upgrade to an Atlas PSR and never looked back. They are incredible and well worth the price! Also, B&T is an amazing sponsor of our sport and does a lot for matches, including footing the lunch bill for 300+ competitors! Fantastic company and products!
Matthew S.

Thank you B&T! Awesome customer service and turn around time! Best of the best!
Brian M.

By far the best bipod I have ever owned, it is built as sturdy as they come and extremely adjustable.

So I wanted to provide a quick (or maybe not so quick) review of my experience with B&T and the Atlas BiPod…
Did quite a bit of research and the Atlas was by far one of the most highly rated bipods out there. I took the plunge. When it arrived the quality was obvious, but I had one problem…the ADM Quick Release mount was out of spec (or so i thought). I did a couple of rounds of back and forth with Customer Support and there seemed to be some confusion. I ended up "shaving" the latch bar with a Dremel and VIOLA, problem solved. I loved the bipod so much that I overlooked this small problem, but I did write them expressing my concern given the price paid.
Well here is where the rubber meets the road… One of the owners called me! He spent significant time with me and we determined that is was my rail that was out of spec, NOT THIER PART. Oh the embarrassment. It doesn’t stop there. Kasey then took even more time to go through his inventory to see if had a part that might fit my slightly out of whack rail. Unfortunately he did not. THEN, he offered to shave one down to my spec. I declined because I already had done this to mine, but he insisted, shaved one down and shipped it out. During all of this, he was very proactive in reaching out to me when I was content to just let it go…it was my bad after all.
This to me is where a company earns it reputation. Stuff happens in manufacturing. Entitled Customers complain and he would have had every right to send me on my way as this was completely an error on my part.
To Kasey and all of B&T…Thank you. Customer Service at its best! I am a Customer for life!!
Mike M.

Best bipod on the planet !
Mike A.

When you’re debating who to use and what equipment is your best choice, consider this. B&T stepped is and supported one of our own, a wounded Marine! They supported this young Marine with little information about him. They had equipment in hand in NC in days! Great company, world class equipment, and supporters of our troops!
Patrick O.

Just got my BT10 in today. Super fast shipping. This thing is awesome. Coming from a cop with a background in manufacturing and design if I was going to build and design a bi-pod this would be it. Rock solid and over designed and over built (if there really is such a thing). If you are hesitant to purchase just pull the trigger. After all your supporting an American company and you can’t go wrong with the product.
Otto G.

Some of the best people in the industry. Truly stand behind their products and make some of the best bipods out there.
Joe D.

Kasey Beltz has always been a great friend of the shooting community and a great guy. BT is a phenomenal American company with excellent products.
Miketaag R.

Thank you B&T on my very satisfied purchase of your bipod. I definitely will, and have been passing on the words of the great quality, plus dependability of this amazing tool installed to my Sig 716 I use on the gun range teaching my 4 boys distance target shooting.
Dominick F.

I have 3 of the Atlas bipeds, I like my 5H the best, but the BT10 rocks too!!
Todd M.
I got to spend sometime at the shop while picking up a few items. I can say they went above and beyond taking care of me. You couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of folks. Thanks for everything.
Jerry B.

You wont find a better product at a better price! If you want the best support for your rifle, buy B&T Atlas Bipods and Accu-shot Monopods!
Billy B.

Awesome people, even that guy Kasey is super cool
Frank G.

I’ve used both the Atlas and the monopod. Both are phenomenal quality and performance. Worth every dime.
Nick S.

Stellar product and super friendly people.
I have two now and will have a third shortly.
Robert L.

Great company! They even buy pizza for shooters!!!
William D.

Quality products, quality people… proud to run your products.
Keye K.

Best Bipods on the market. Love my BT46-LW17s. Can’t use anything else now!
Ben H.

Great company great product! Supports the shooting community 100% Highly recommend them!
Paul C.

Best bipods in the business ! Accept no substitutes.
Matt D.

Great products and top services!
Johan J.

I had to drop a line and thank you for a great product. Used the Atlas for a few months now. Simply the best bipod I ever have had.

Keep up the good work.

I thought I would give you some feedback. I have been using a Harris S series bipod for a long time. In the last 2 years I have started shooting F class and got to a point where my score wasn’t improving. I had a chance to use an Atlas and now I have a BT10 and a BT10LW17 and haven’t looked back. When I get rails on all of my rifles I will stop using Harris bipods for good.


Got the bipod today.  Installation, including adding the rail to the stock, was dirt simple.  I cannot believe what a quantum leap your bipod is and now understand what the buzz is about.


Just wanted to say that that is hands down by far and away the best bipod attachment for the Accuracy International chasis that I have come across…..first class design.
I will be recommending it highly to a number of people…..including custom rifle builders.


“Just received my Atlas bipod and Accu-Shot monopod in the mail yesterday.  Although I haven’t had a chance to actually use these products yet, I can say I’m very impressed with the design and build quality of these items. As a consumer often often wonders whether they are spending their money wisely when purchasing a product that costs twice as much (or more) than another manufacturers product (Harris in this case) that has essentially saturated the market. Having seen/used Harris bipods I can say that the Atlas bipod is leaps and bounds ahead of the Harris bipod in terms of features, functionality and build quality. Can’t wait to get to the range and drop the hammer. Thanks for providing a superior product!”

Ken J.

Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed talking to you the other day and thanks for getting the bipod and rails out to me as soon as you did. I installed all the rails you sent me and the next day the bipod arrived. worked out great! I was able to use the bipod on my new GAP built rifle this last week end, I really like your ATLAS Bipod, its not going to get much rest around me. It’s a great system.

Thanks again.
Jack V.

Hey Guys-

Got my Atlas today. IT’s a TRUCKLOAD OF AWESOME!~!!

Michael V.