The following instructions are for Installing a No Clamp (NC) style CAL or Super CAL Atlas Bipod to M-LOK® using the BT70 Atlas M-LOK Adapter:

  • Step 1: Ensure the firearm is empty.

  • Step 2: With the Bipod legs at the 90 degree position and holding the Bipod by the Cradle with the Pod-Loc® up, remove the following and set aside in the following order: KMW Pod-Loc, Locknut, Belleville Washer, Pod-Loc Brass Washer and Mount. Make sure the Roll-Pin stays in Mount.

  • Step 3: Install the BT70 onto the now SEPARATED Mount using provided two 10-32 x 3/8” flathead socket screws. Apply thread locker (not supplied).

  • Step 4: Orientate the Pod-Loc end of Mount/BT70 towards the end of the rifle you wish the Pod-Loc to be pointed at on your M-LOK handguard using provided two 3/8 fasteners and two M-LOK nuts. Make sure the Roll-Pin stays in Mount.

  • Step 5: Starting with Compass Bolt (no hex hole) assemble in this order:

    a. Compass Bolt

    b. Cradle Brass Washer

    c. Cradle (with legs attached)

    d. Teflon Washer

  • Step 6: Confirm there is a Roll Pin in recess of the Mount

  • Step 7: Align the Compass Bolt / Cradle assembly with the Mount, aligning the groove with Roll Pin.

  • Step 8: Press the Compass Bolt / Cradle assembly into the Mount. This might take some pressure.

  • Step 9: Reinstall the Brass Washer, Belleville Washer (dome up) and Locknut. Tighten to 60 inch pounds to set Mount on Compass Bolt.

  • Step 10: Loosen the Locknut, then set at your preference of torque between 10-16 inch pounds.

  • Step 11: Reinstall the KMW Pod-Loc using its ratcheting method to tighten onto the CAL Atlas Bipod. You will need to utilize the feature on the Pod-Loc that allows the handle to be pulled away from the assembly and rotated. Repeat until there is movement available to add tension.

Using the KMW Pod-Loc®

With the CAL bipod mounted to your rifle, you will be able to lock and un-lock the canting motion by rotating the Pod-Loc® lever. Turn clockwise to lock and counter clockwise to un-lock when facing the Pod-Loc.

The Pod-Loc lever position can be adjusted for positioning by pulling the lever directly away from the body of the CAL and rotating to desired position. This positioning can be repeated until optimal position is achieved.