While typically for our BT6569ML / BT6569ML-NC Atlas CAL Upgrade Mount, the following instructions can be used for Replacing the Mount on any CAL or Super CAL Atlas Bipod:

  • Step 1: Ensure the firearm is NOT loaded, then remove the CAL Bipod from the firearm if installed.

  • Step 2: With the Bipod legs at the 90 degree position and holding the Bipod by the Cradle with the Pod-Loc up, remove the following and set aside in the following order: KMW Pod-Loc™, Locknut, Belleville Washer, Pod-Loc Brass Washer and Mount, keeping the small pin hole up.

  • Step 3: Starting with Compass Bolt (no hex hole) assemble in this order:

    a.Compass Bolt

    b. Cradle Brass Washer

    c. Cradle (with legs attached)

    d. Teflon Washer

  • Step 4: Take the new Mount and confirm there is a Roll Pin in recess.

  • Step 5: Place Cradle on Compass Bolt aligning the groove with Roll Pin.

  • Step 6: While supporting the head of the Compass Bolt, press the Mount into position.

  • Step 7: Reinstall the Brass Washer, Belleville Washer (dome up) and Locknut. Tighten to 60 inch pounds to set Mount on Compass Bolt.

  • Step 8: Loosen the Locknut, then set at your preference of torque between 10-16 inch pounds.

  • Step 9: Reinstall the KMW Pod-Loc.

Using the KMW Pod-Loc®

With the CAL bipod mounted to your rifle, you will be able to lock and un-lock the canting motion by rotating the Pod-Loc® lever. Turn clockwise to lock and counter clockwise to un-lock when facing the Pod-Loc.

The Pod-Loc lever position can be adjusted for positioning by pulling the lever directly away from the body of the CAL and rotating to desired position. This positioning can be repeated until optimal position is achieved.