There are five options to consider:

  1. If you bought the BT10 directly from us and it qualifies for a Return, you can upgrade to a BT10-LW17.
  2. If it does not qualify for a return, you can Exchange it for a BT10-LW17.
  3. If neither a Return or Exchange is an option for you, we can convert your BT10 into a BT10-NC for $60.00 and install an ADM-170-S Lever Mount for $60.00. Conversion and delivery of your BT10 into a BT10-LW17 is $120.00 total. If interested or have additional questions, Contact Us.
  4. The quickest solution is to purchase our BT43 Leveraged Rail which gives the functionality of a lever while keeping the BT10 as is. The negative is that it adds weight, bulk and increases the apex height.
  5. Since Atlas Bipods maintain an 80-90% resale value, you can always sell your BT10 and purchase a BT10-LW17.