To determine the best height of monopod for your application, the following is offered as a guideline if using a bipod. If you are using another form of front rest, the same procedure applies. Take into consideration the terrain you will be using it. If doing range work, measure it there. If prairie dog hunting, then try to get a measurement on your next trip or reference the rest you used on your last trip. You will need something to measure with:

  1. Set your rifle up on a flat, level surface such as a table or shooting bench with the bipod or front rest set at the height you most commonly use.
  2. Hold the rifle bore as close to level as possible
  3. Maintain this position of the rifle while measuring the distance from the point where the monopod attaches (rear sling stud position measured from the stock OR from the flat surface of the rail) down to the supporting flat surface. The ideal monopod will give you adjustment on both sides of this measurement.

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