The main solution for mounting an Atlas Bipod is to install a 1913 style Picatinny Rail on your rifle. This may involve simply screwing a rail section in with fasteners or drilling a second hole in your stock to install a rail. Once installed, it will then accept any two-screw or quick detach lever (designated by “LW17”) mounted Alas Bipod.

We offer many 1913 style Picatinny Rails based on what is needed for general purpose, Anshutz, Freeland, Free float tube, M-LOK®, etc. Check out our Atlas Bipod Rail Comparison Chart with options and specifications.

We strongly recommend a competent gunsmith to do all modifications to any firearm. If you have the necessary skillset and tools, check out our video of How to Install a Rail.

A secondary solution is through our No Clamp (designated by “NC”) style of Atlas Bipods. They are sent without a clamp or means to readily attach to any rail system. It requires any 17S size lever style mount with the same two hole pattern of 1.100” and 10/32 threads. For example, LT271 from LaRue Tactical, Picatinny Rail Slider from Arisaka or ARCA mount with matching hole pattern. This is also for application specific solutions to mount directly to our BT19 AI Spigot and BT70 M-LOK® Adapter. The NC style is a great option if you already have your own 17S size lever or mount.