The Atlas Bipod® and Accu-Shot Monopod® were designed to fulfill requirements needed to stabilize a precision rifle in the field. These features were created for a specific purpose, not to “look cool” but rather applied science and innovation to solve the issues found in supporting precision rifles.

The concept behind Hold What You Move Technology® stems off the purpose of a feature set that will, by design, hold the position set by the end user. What you actually are holding and manipulating, intentionally, is what will be moving. Nothing is spring-loaded to “spring-out” or collapse accidentally. Atlas legs will not get bumped, moved or dragged into an unwanted position or length. All of the Atlas Bipod leg movements are completely intentional.

The 360°, non-oriented Leg length adjustment allows height changes in unconventional positions with either hand.  Combined, the 5 independent Leg positions and incremental Leg height adjustments allows for the ability to adjust to unlimited surfaces limited only by your imagination.

To learn more about the real world application of Hold What You Move Technology®, watch our demonstration Atlas Bipod Uses and Application.