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For anyone that wishes to apply a finish to a new, unassembled B&T Accu-Shot Monopod:

Any new B&T Accu-Shot Monopod that is going to have an aftermarket finish applied will ship unassembled for application of the finish.

Once the finish is applied and the parts are returned to B&T, we will reassemble them to our specifications and ship it back to you. Please ensure parts are packaged appropriately to avoid any damage in transit. B&T will not be responsible for the finish or any damage to the finish.

Please note, we ship these parts with a sheet that shows the parts and quantities of each. This sheet should be used by ALL parties to verify ALL parts remain together throughout the process.

B&T Industries L.L.C. does not sell or ship replacement parts. We do not ship parts to anyone other than the customer that is buying the product(s). B&T will not be held responsible for the aftermarket finish.

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