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Process for anyone wanting to apply an aftermarket finish to a new, unassembled B&T product:
1. Appropriate parts ship unassembled direct to customer.
2. Customer confirms proper parts are received and initials Inventory Form.
3. Coating is completed to customers satisfaction.
4. Customer returns coated parts and Inventory Form to B&T.
5. B&T assembles them to specifications for quality assurance.
6. Completed unit is shipped back to customer.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the customers responsibility to notify us within two days of receipt of any missing parts. It is also the customers responsibility to verify coating is to their satisfaction and that ALL parts are returned to B&T for assembly. Any masking materials/residue must be removed prior to the parts being returned, otherwise a $30.00 cleanup charge will be applied.

Important Notes for Success of this Procedure:
1. Parts should be returned within 30 days to ensure compatibility with current production.
2. Ensure parts are packaged appropriately to avoid any damage in transit. B&T will not be responsible for the finish or any damage to the finish.
3. We ship the parts with an Inventory Form that shows the appropriate parts and quantities of each. This form should be used by ALL parties to verify ALL parts remain together throughout the process and is returned to B&T with the coated parts.
4. The Atlas Bipod is manufactured with close tolerances. Any excess finish applied may negatively affect proper assembly and functionality. In this case, the excess finish will be removed to allow proper function. Pay particular attention to the “through holes” found on the Inner and Outer Legs.
5. We do not sell or ship replacement parts and we do not ship parts to anyone other than the customer that is buying the product(s). B&T will not be held responsible for the aftermarket finish.

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